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    • Knee megabiter 0 small
      • The MegaBiter™, designed for maximum efficiency in tissue resection, features a 5.5 mm wide bite. Its low profile design and curved tip assist in reaching the tight recesses in joint spaces.
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      • Arthrex® Arthroscopic Instruments have state-of-the-art quality, durability, precise tactile feel and an extremely low profile tip. These features facilitate easier access to pathology in tight joint spaces with precision cutting edges and precise resection control. Electrical Discharge Manufacturing (EDM) technology with stainless steel edges …
    • Knee series 1 widebiter punches 0 small
      • WideBiter™ Punches feature increased bite width and a rounded tip while maintaining a low profile. Specifically designed with meniscectomies in mind, the Meniscal WideBiters create elongated arced cuts that contour the meniscus. The WideBiter XL line features elongated jaws for deeper access into tight spaces.
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      • The WishBone™ Series Arthroscopy Instruments feature superior feel and improved ergonomics that facilitate inverted and retrograde usage with either hand. A comprehensive variety of tip styles, angles and sizes with a selection of shaft diameters are designed specifically for arthroscopic surgical procedures.