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aperture fixation

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    • Acl tightrope db 0 small
      • The ACLTR DB offers the simplicity and strength of the ACLTR, with the addition of aperture graft compression and greater coverage of the ACL footprint. The ACLTR DB comes with a disposable driver that can be attached to the graft and implant to facilitate graft advancement and orientation.
    • Interference screws for graft fixation 0 small
      • Arthrex Interference Screws are of the highest quality standard that have become synonymous with the Arthrex name. A complete family of interference screws includes Bio-Interference Screws (primarily amorphous PLLA Full Thread), BioComposite Interference Screw (comprised of 30% biphasic calcium phosphate and 70% PLDLA), PEEK Interference Screws, …