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Arthrex, Inc.
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    • Hip disposable instruments 0 small
      • Arthrex provides a variety of disposable instruments for use during hip arthroscopy procedures to gain access to the hip joint. 
    • Disposable kits 0 small
      • Arthrex Hip Arthroscopy Disposable Kits contain all of the essential disposable instruments to access the hip joint safely during hip arthroscopy procedures. 
    • Disposable knife blades 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a variety of disposable knife blades for hip arthroscopy procedures. The Banana Knife, Hook Knife and Retractable Cannulated Knife all have precision ground dual sided edges that stay sharp after multiple uses, and are ideal for capsulotomies to gain access to the central and peripheral compartment and labral detachment …
    • Hip arthroscopy disposable kit with banana blade 0 small
      • The Hip Arthroscopy Disposable Kit with Banana Blade contains only the essentials of joint access disposable tools necessary. Each kit contains three each of 1.1 mm flexible Nitinol Guide Wires and new long 17 gauge access needles as well as a Clear Open Cannula with tapered tip and a Banana Blade. The Banana Blade has a precision ground …
    • Retractable cannulated knife 0 small
      • The Retractable Cannulated Knife was designed to be used during arthroscopic surgery of the hip joint. This patent-pending device was designed to provide the ultimate soft tissue protection when introducing and removing a cutting device in and out of joints for soft tissue resection procedures such as performing a capsulotomy in the hip to …