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Scorpion suture passers are used in shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff and labral repair.

Designed for simplicity, the easy-to-use FastPass Scorpion™ SL (side-loading) suture passer supports more successful suture passes. The front side of the bottom jaw is solid to prevent suture and soft tissue from entering the bottom jaw when positioning onto the tendon. The suture-retrieving top jaw helps seamlessly pass and retrieve #2 FiberWire® suture.

The Labral Scorpion™ QL suture passer has a quick-loading bottom jaw and suture-retrieving top jaw. This intuitive suture passer's streamlined, low-profile jaws are designed for easily maneuvering the glenohumeral space, fit through a 6 mm cannula, and are ideal for passing and retrieving #2 FiberWire suture through a single portal.

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