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Arthrex TightRope® technology has been incorporated into the unique PCL TightRope construct greatly simplifying graft preparation and passing while strengthening fixation. The PCL TightRope construct includes a proprietary, self-reinforcing, four point locking system that resists cyclic displacement. The round graft button secures the bone plug into the tibial socket. Suture holes in the button allow incorporation of whipstitch sutures into the fixation which facilitates graft passing and augments fixation. The larger, attachable distal button is placed onto the implant after passing through the tibial tunnel and locks into place securely.  

PCL Inlay reconstruction techniques have been shown to reduce the “Killer Turn” created by transtibial constructs and may lead to less graft abrasion and better approximation of native biomechanics. The arthroscopic PCL provides the benefits of both open inlay and arthroscopic transtibial techniques by combining the superior biomechanics of the open tibial inlay and the ease of visualization and decreased morbidity of an arthroscopic approach.

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