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The Retractable Hood Burr series of round and oval burrs were designed to optimize surgical efficiency. Using the mechanism adapted from the Arthrex PowerPick™ device, the Retractable Hood Burrs were developed for the purpose of retracting the hood during applications where increased burr-head exposure is preferred.

The Retractable Hood Burrs allow surgeons to quickly adapt to the working environment. A 1-handed flick of a lever is all it takes to alter the burr-head exposure during surgery. This variable exposure means there is no need to open a second device or remove the device from the joint space.

These versatile devices are available in 2 working lengths: Hip Length (18 cm) for Retractable Hood Round Burrs and Standard Length (13 cm) for Retractable Hood FlushCut™ Oval Burrs.

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