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Dri-Safe Pads, manufactured using 60% recycled materials, are super absorbent floor pads designed to be placed wherever fluids built up most - at the scrub sink, lab station floors or on OR floors. Available in two variations for wet and dry floor usage, as well as in two sizes, Dri-Safe Pads help provide a safe and clean OR working environment. The two variations include pads with an impermeable poly backing to be used on a dry floor and pads without backing to be placed on wet floors. The poly backing securely grips the dry floor and locks in fluids while the pads without the poly backing are designed to be placed on wet floors to cover and absorb the area.  Both Dri-Safe Pads promote safety by preventing slips and falls related to wet floors, as well as reduce the possible transmission of harmful contaminants to healthcare providers. Disposal of the Dri-Safe Pad is economical and simple, reducing expensive laundry costs.

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