The SwiveLock® is a knotless suture anchor designed for arthroscopic glenohumeral joint instability repair. It is sized and used similarly as the 2.9 mm PushLock®, except that the threaded and vented anchor body "twists-in" instead of "taps-in". The anchor provides the ability to independently pass the suture through a desired amount of tissue prior to anchor implantation. This feature allows the surgeon to properly capture the amount of capsule or labrum required for the pathology being treated. The surgeon can visualize and adjust tissue tension prior to final implant installation. The anchor is twisted into its final position and the sutures are cut flush. 

The body of the anchor is available in a BioComposite material that combines PLLA with ß-TCP, or a nonabsorbable thermoplastic material, polyetheretherketone (PEEK). Both are strong, revisable and radiolucent implants. Both versions use a PEEK eyelet for superior strength during insertion to allow firm tissue tensioning and shifting.

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