The FiberTak button is an all-suture button that can be used in lieu of traditional metal buttons for both bicortical and unicortical tension slide tenodesis techniques. The button is a reinforced 2.6 mm diameter sheath preloaded with two 2-0 FiberLink™ sutures that are used to shuttle the whipstitch limbs through the sheath.

Features & Benefits

  • Button first technique to help eliminate the need to find the drill hole
  • 2-0 FiberLink sutures colored blue and white/black for easy identification
  • No metal-FiberTak is not visible on x-ray
  • 17% stronger than metal buttons1
  • 2.6 mm drill reduces the bone socket 19% over the traditional 3.2 mm bone socket commonly used for metal buttons

1. Arthrex, Inc. Data on file (APT 04066). Naples, FL; 2019

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