The Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction product family is made up of multiple systems used in various forms of AC reconstruction. These sophisticated systems include the instrumentation necessary to complete acute and chronic AC joint repair techniques. Systems include Dog Bone Button, AC TightRope, Twin Tail TightRope, Chronic AC Joint Reconstruction and AC Joint Master Set.

The Dog Bone™ Button is a pre-contoured titanium button that allows the use of multiple FiberTapes for AC joint reduction, providing a construct that is twice as strong as existing AC joint repair devices. The AC TightRope® enables surgeons to easily reconstruct acute AC joint separations in a minimally invasive manner, either open or arthroscopic. The Twin Tail TightRope® features two independent clavicle button tails and is designed to help reduce and stabilize the AC joint for open, acute AC injuries. The Chronic AC Joint Reconstruction System assists with the reconstruction of chronic AC joint separation anatomically using a tendon graft with backup mechanical fixation, and the AC Joint Master System contains the instrumentation necessary to complete the acute and chronic AC joint repair techniques and can often be used as part of the above constructs.  

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