Global Transparency Reporting

Collaboration between the medical device industry and health care professionals benefits patients, and Arthrex supports transparency reporting for the industry. The purpose of transparency reporting is to help the general public better understand the nature and extent of industry and provider interactions. Arthrex complies with local laws and industry code requirements to publicly report payments made to Health Care Professionals and Health Care Organizations (i.e., HCPs and HCOs). 

In the United States, Arthrex participates in transparency reporting through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments website. In other countries outside the United States, the company participates through the relevant transparency reporting platforms as required by local law or industry code. You may use the links below to view the applicable reports.  

Reporting for Arthrex’s U.S. Operations:

The CMS Open Payments program requires applicable manufacturers to submit data on all transfers of value made to Covered Recipients, which includes U.S. licensed Health Care Professionals and CMS designated teaching hospitals. Payments to Covered Recipients that are reportable under the Open Payments program include: royalties, consulting fees, medical education instructor fees, medical education lab services, research, grants, travel and meals. CMS publishes transparency data on June 30th of every year for transfers of value made during the previous calendar year. To find data reported by Arthrex, use the Open Payments Search Tool and enter “Arthrex” in the Company Name field. You can also filter by physician name, physician specialty or teaching hospital. Visit the CMS website, for additional information about the Open Payments program.

Reporting for Arthrex Italy:

The Confindustria Dispositivi Medici Code of Ethics, requires all member-companies to disclose transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs. Under this industry code, Arthrex Italy is required to disclose the names of HCPs and HCOs that have received payments or other transfers of value from Arthrex, and the total amounts of value transferred by the activity type. This can consist of, for instance, an educational grant to an HCO, a consultancy fee to an HCP for speaking, or a payment for travel. Disclosure reports will be published by June 30th of every year for transfers of value made during the previous calendar year. Use this link to view the most recent transparency report for Arthrex Italy.