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    • Publication Date: 3/13/13
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    • Presenter: Stephen S. Burkhart, MD
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Sheathless Arthroscopy and Distention Management

Dr. Stephen Burkhart (San Antonio, TX) discusses his approach to Sheathless Arthroscopy and fluid management.  The Sheathless Arthroscope revolutionizes the manner in which arthroscopic procedures are performed. By eliminating bulky scope sheaths, obturators, switching sticks, and maintaining fluid inflow through operative cannulas, viewing portal changes are quick and efficient. Fluid extravasation, due to repeated portal changes, is mini­mized utilizing the Sheathless Arthroscope. The Sheathless Arthroscope features a reinforced stainless steel shaft, a smooth, rounded tip and a recessed, scratch-resistant sapphire lens tip to reduce the risk of damage from ablation and resection instruments.