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Operative Treatment of Lateral/Distal Clavicle Fractures

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    • Ref. #: VPT1-00273-EN
    • Version: A
    • Duration: 00:08:32
    • Publication Date: 9/19/14
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    • Presenter: Augustus Mazzocca, MD
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Augustus Mazzocca, MD, (Farmington, CT) discusses lateral clavicle fractures and describes the advantages of treating these fractures with a plate augmented with coracoid fixation. In particular, he describes the arthroscopically-assisted approach using a Dog Bone Button and FiberTape® to securely fix on the underside of the coracoid and how the construct seamlessly integrates into the lateral clavicle plate. Dr. Mazzocca also presents biomechanical data showing the advantages of the Dog Bone Button over suture anchors and suture cerclage for coracoid fixation.