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TightRope® Closing the Gap in Knee Ligament Reconstruction

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    • Duration: 00:03:40
    • Publication Date: 3/25/15
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    • Presenter: Jake Jolly
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Jake Jolly, (Arthrex® Group Product Manager, Knee & Hip Arthroscopy) discusses ACL TightRope® technology, strength, versatility and clinical outcomes. The ACL TightRope is a unique adjustable cortical fixation implant that locks in four different places allowing simplicity and strength for cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACL TightRope may be used with all graft types for ACL and PCL procedures and may be utilized both on the femoral and tibial side. The ACL TightRope has a robust clinical history with over 700,000 implanted over the last 5 years demonstrating excellent surgical outcomes. *

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