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BTB ACL TightRope® Fixation System

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    • Ref. #: AN1-00191-EN
    • Version: C
    • Duration: 00:01:33
    • Publication Date: 5/13/16
    • Revision Date: 2/8/17
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The BTB TightRope® Fixation System offers the same adjustable four-point locking system as the ACL TightRope® RT Fixation System but allows placement through a small drill hole in the cortical bone block. The TightRope button facilitates dependable cortical fixation and the adjustable loop allows the graft to be pulled into the desired femoral tunnel position for ideal graft-tunnel matching. The BTB TightRope also allows fixation of BTB grafts into anatomic femoral sockets that can be difficult to reach with traditional interference screws.