Cartilage Repair and Resurfacing Presentation

Brian Cole, MD, MBA, (Chicago, IL) provides an in-depth scientific review of BioCartilage®. BioCartilage was designed to provide a reproducible, simple and inexpensive method to augment traditional microfracture procedures. It is developed from allograft cartilage that has been dehydrated and micronized. BioCartilage contains the extracellular matrix that is native to articular cartilage, including key components such as type II collagen, proteoglycans and additional cartilaginous growth factors. The principle of BioCartilage is to serve as a scaffold over a microfractured defect, providing a tissue network that can potentially signal autologous cellular interactions and improve the degree and quality of tissue healing within a properly prepared articular cartilage defect.

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Brian J. Cole, MD,MBA

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