Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR): 2018 Technique Evolution

Stephen S. Burkhart, MD, (San Antonio, TX) performs a cadaveric demonstration of Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) with a massive irreparable supraspinatus tear without glenohumeral arthritis. He shares numerous pearls on patient positioning, portal placement, evaluating any remaining rotator cuff tissue, and preparation of the bone bed on both the superior glenoid and humerus. Dr. Burkhart details the measurement, preparation, insertion, and fixation of an ArthroFLEX®* dermal allograft, including side‐to‐side fixation to the remaining infraspinatus posteriorly and to the comma tissue anteriorly.

*ArthroFLEX is a registered trademark of LifeNet Health.

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Surgical Technique Videos


Stephen S. Burkhart, MD

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