Segmental Meniscus Transplantation for Meniscal Repair and Replacement

Matthew T. Provencher, MD (Vail, CO), discusses recent biomechanical research on segmental medial meniscus transplantation for focal meniscal deficiency. Dr. Provencher reviews the technique, testing, and data related to this new approach to support segmental reconstruction, including how segmental repair mimics the native state and load characteristics of an intact meniscus.1


1. Haber DB, Douglass BW, Arner JW, et al. Biomechanical analysis of segmental medial meniscal transplantation in a human cadaveric model. Am J Sports Med. 2021;49(12):3279-3286. doi:10.1177/03635465211036441

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Matthew T. Provencher, MD

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