Knotless Mattress Stitch SLAP Repair Utilizing the 2.9 mm PushLock® Percutaneous Insertion Kit Cadaveric Demonstration

Mark Schickendantz, MD, (Garfield Heights, OH) performs a knotless, posterior SLAP repair using a short 2.9 mm BioComposite™ PushLock® through a percutaneous approach using a Percutaneous Insertion Kit. This new kit takes advantage of the popular SutureTak® Percutaneous Insertion Kit components and combines them with a small metal cannula with a 4.7 mm inner diameter and a 5.4 mm outer diameter. This provides a precise and convenient method of percutaneous PushLock insertion. Dr. Schickendantz also demonstrates how to create a mattress stitch by passing a FiberStick™ (stiffened #2 FiberWire®) directly through a SutureLasso™.

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