SpeedBridge™ Rotator Cuff Repair Augmented with FlexiGRAFT® Demineralized Sponge

Alan M. Hirahara, MD, (Sacramento, CA) demonstrates how to perform a SpeedBridge Rotator Cuff Repair, utilizing the FlexiGRAFT® Demineralized Sponge as an interpositional graft. The FlexiGRAFT line of demineralized bone matrices is comprised of 100% bone. They have excellent handling characteristics and wick up bioactive fluids such as platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate. Scientific evidence indicates that the FlexiGRAFT Demineralized Sponge can serve as an osteoconductive scaffold with osteoinductive potential at the bone to tendon junction for rotator cuff repairs, helping to induce a more natural reparative tissue.**Data on File

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Surgical Technique Videos


Alan M. Hirahara, FRCS,MD

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