Pectoralis Major Repair Augmented with ArthroFlex® Acellular Dermal Extracellular Matrix

Raffy Mirzayan, MD, (Los Angeles, CA) performs acadaveric surgical demonstration of a pectoralis major repair augmented withArthroFlex® Acellular Dermal Matrix and the Arthrex® Pec Button. Dr.Mirzayan provides a detailed overview of his technique for integrating theArthroFlex allograft into the pectoralis major muscle to ensure that the biomechanicalstrength of the allograft is utilized during the repair. The use ofArthroFlex will enhance the suture-tendon interface and provide a biologicenvironment that allows the patient’s cells to repopulate and incorporate intothe allograft. The incorporation of the Pec Button allows for easy fixation ofthe muscle back to the bone.

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Surgical Technique Videos


Raffy Mirzayan, MD

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