ATFL & CFL Reconstruction: Using the Arthrex® Lateral Ankle Reconstruction Kit & Pre-Sutured Lateral Ankle Tendon Graft

Thomas Clanton, MD, (Vail, CO) demonstrates how to perform a Lateral Ankle Reconstruction of the ATFL and CFL utilizing the Arthrex Lateral Ankle Reconstruction System in conjunction with the Pre-Sutured Lateral Ankle Tendon Allograft. With a consistent diameter of 4.5 mm, the pre-sutured and pre-sized tendon is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Lateral Ankle Reconstruction technique. Dr. Clanton provides an extensive overview of the procedure, demonstrating proper drill tunnel placement and fixation techniques utilizing the Arthrex BioComposite Tenodesis Screws™. The Lateral Ankle Reconstruction Implant System provides surgeons with all necessary Tenodesis Screws, instruments and accessories needed to create a reproducible, anatomic and rigid reconstruction.

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