MPFL Reconstruction Using 3.9 mm BioComposite SwiveLock® Anchor and 6 mm × 20 mm BioComposite FastThread™ Interference Screw Kit

This animation features the 3.9 mm BioComposite SwiveLock® implant kits, which were developed for reconstruction of the MPFL in cases of acute patellar dislocation or chronic patellofemoral instability. Providing surgeons and operative staff with a complete, convenient solution for MPFL reconstruction procedures, the kits include either an ACL TightRope® implant or a 6 mm × 20 mm BioComposite FastThread™ interference screw for femoral fixation. Parallel and angled drill guides, which help accurately and reproducibly drill for the patellar anchors, are also provided along with staggered-length guide pins to ease drilling.

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Surgical Technique Animations

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