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    • Allosync bone grafting solutions 0 small
      • The AlloSync bone grafting solutions line is a comprehensive offering of advanced DBMs for various bone grafting needs. AlloSync bone grafts contain osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties, providing the optimal signaling and scaffold for bone remodeling. The unique geometry of AlloSync Expand 100% demineralized bone is ideal for …
    • Arthrocell viable bone 0 small
      • Arthrocell is a viable bone allograft that contains cellular, scaffold, and gel components derived from human bone. The microparticulate scaffold is comprised of a proprietary blend of cortical and cancellous allograft bone. The bone-derived gel component provides optimal handling and resists irrigation. The cellular component consists of …
    • Bonesync putty strips 0 small
      • The BoneSync™ filler portfolio provides surgeons with several bone void solutions with excellent handling characteristics. These products provide an osteoconductive scaffold and can be hydrated with biologic fluids such as bone marrow aspirate to optimize bone remodeling potential.1,2 The BoneSync portfolio includes: BoneSync …
    • Spine jumpstart antimicrobial wound dressing 0 small
      • JumpStart antimicrobial wound dressing is an advanced microcurrent-generating dressing for the management of surgical incision sites. Microcell batteries made of elemental silver and zinc generate an electrical current when activated by conductive fluids, such as wound exudate, water-based wound hydrogels, saline, or water. These microcell …
    • Spine 0 small
    • Spine scorpion 0 small
      • The Spine Scorpion™ suture passer is ideal for closing the fascia at the end of minimally invasive spine procedures. Its low-profile design eases access for approaches through tubular or mini open incisions. The suture passer automatically passes and retrieves multiple types of commonly used sutures, such as 0 and 2-0 resorbable suture.
    • Spine vortex threaded recovery needles 0 small
      • The Vortex™ threaded recovery needle* is ideal for maximizing the concentration of osteoprogenitor cells harvested during bone marrow aspiration. The unique designs of the threaded tip and vent holes allow the user to easily and accurately reposition the tip of the needle within the bone for optimal aspiration volume. *Patent pending