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  • Procedure/Product Pages (3)
    • Fiberwire suture technique 0 small
      • Various methods and suture patterns are described for repairing flexor / extensor tendons and their use varies by the surgeon’s preference. FiberWire’s superior strength and reliability makes FiberWire an ideal choice when performing a Suture Flexor/Extensor Repair. FiberWire is constructed of a multi-stranded, long chain, ultra-high molecular …
    • Tendon laceration 0 small
      • Flexor/Extensor Tendon Lacerations can be repaired using Arthrex FiberLoop® used in any one of these surgical procedures including Flexor Tendon Repair, Extensor Tendon Repair, and most other soft tissue and tendon repairs in the hand and wrist.
    • Tendon repair 0 small
      • FiberLoop is an ideal suture option for multi-strand tendon repairs. The small diameter, looped FiberWire allows for strong multi-strand flexor and extensor tendon repairs while reducing tendon damage from multiple needle passes. FiberLoop comes available in multiple needle options some of which are designed to prevent inadvertent cutting of the …