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The state-of-the-art NanoScope™ imaging system is the first medical-grade, 3-in-1, chip-on-tip, single-use camera system. The NanoScope system combines the latest technology in 1 mm imaging sensors, LED lighting, image management, and OR integration with an intuitive tablet control. The NanoScope system provides a new option to MRI imaging, second-look  arthroscopy, and image-guided injections that can be placed precisely under direct arthroscopic image control. 

Arthrex helped to pioneer operative arthroscopy and is once again at the forefront of nano-operative arthroscopy. The minimally invasive patient experience and unlimited atraumatic access to joint spaces make the NanoScope system and Nano arthroscopy instrumentation the clear choice for instant diagnostic imaging and less invasive arthroscopic procedures.

The 1.9 mm diameter of the NanoScope probe allows foot and ankle surgeons to easily access a multitude of areas including the ankle joint for standard anterior and posterior arthroscopy, subtalar joint arthroscopy, posterior tibialis tendoscopy, peroneal tendoscopy, 1st MTP joint arthroscopy, and 1st TMT joint arthroscopy. The previously unreachable is now within reach using the NanoScope platform.

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