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The Meniscal Cinch implant allows surgeons to consistently repair meniscus tears with an all-inside arthroscopic technique, eliminating the need for accessory incisions required for traditional inside/out techniques that often result in additional morbidity. The low-profile PEEK implants are loaded with a pretied 2-0 FiberWire® suture that slides easily and allows proper tensioning across the tear. Ergonomic handling and a sturdy open-delivery cannula make for easy insertion into the joint and enable precise positioning over the meniscus. The external depth stop ensures that the implant is deployed into the capsule, helping to protect posterior structures in the knee. The 2-0 suture tail is extra-articular and can be tensioned to reduce suture slack in the joint for better visualization. The knot pusher/suture cutter allows the sliding knot to be countersunk under the meniscus and easy removal of the suture tail.


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