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The new Lisfranc Plates were designed to provide fixation for acute Lisfranc injuries and fusions of the tarsal-metatarsal joints. The unique design allows for compression along the Lisfranc ligament and visualization of the healing process during recovery. At 1.4 mm maximum thickness, the plates provide minimal prominence and low profile contouring. These plates are available in three different sizes with both left and right options.
  • Eliminates the joint damage that may occur with the use of screws and guide wires while allowing visualization of the Lisfranc joint
  • Bridge-plating preserves the joint surfaces and results in larger surface area for bony fusion 
  • Contoured to fit the first and second metatarsal cuneiform joints and compresses along the Lisfanc ligament
  • Allows room for normal interfragmentary screw placement

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