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The Deltoid Ligament Reconstruction Implant System provides a turnkey repair technique to treat this previously difficult to manage pathology using a TightRope® and gold standard Bio-Tenodesis Screws. Utilizing the TightRope construct provides the benefit of cortical fixation and gives surgeons complete control of the final construct tension. By using a free tendon graft to recreate both the superficial and deep deltoid ligament attachments, surgeons are able to achieve a reproducible, rigid, anatomic reconstruction for patients presenting with medial sided ligament laxity.

This convenient all-in-one implant kit includes all of the necessary implants and instrumentation to perform this procedure.
Designed to be used in conjunction with our presutured and sized allograft, Arthrex® removes all of the guesswork from the repair technique and allows physicians to focus on the task at hand.

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