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Bio-TransFix® Implant

The 5 mm Bio-TransFix Implant, in 40, 50 or 60 mm lengths, provides maximum pull-out strength while maintaining fast and efficient implantation methods. The amorphous PLLA material is radiolucent and absorbs in 3 to 5 years. Increased graft compression in the femoral tunnel gives a secure transverse femoral fixation second to none. The implant is impacted to securely fixate the graft in place.

Bio-TransFix cross pin fixation provides the strongest femoral fixation of any bioabsorbable implant available for soft tissue or bone-tendon-bone grafts. With single cross pin fixation for soft tissues, the length and load to all graft strands are equalized independent of tibial fixation, maximizing graft stiffness. For bone-tendon-bone grafts, the same single 3 mm drill hole in the bone dowel is used to both transport the graft and fix it in place, leaving the rest of the bone intact.

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