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BioComposite SutureTak® and Bio-SutureTak® - Micro, Mini and Small Joint 
This family of unique “push-in” suture anchors allows for a straightforward insertion and a flexible nonabrading suture eyelet. Predrill, tap the anchor into place and secure the soft tissues with the preloaded FiberWire with needles. The BioComposite SutureTak® is a 2.4 mm and 3 mm suture anchor with a molded-in suture eyelet. The 3.7 mm Bio-SutureTak® is available for revisions or when soft bone is encountered. The unique suture eyelet maintains its strength throughout most of the degradation cycle and eliminates suture abrasion during knot tying. The flexible eyelet eliminates the need to orientate the eyelet during insertion to optimize suture sliding.

The SutureTak family provides clear advantages:
  • Excellent Cortical Purchase
  • With ridges along their entire length, these anchors provide exceptional pull-out in harder cortical bone
  • Minimized Suture Abrasion
  • The suture-on-suture eyelet interface avoids the type of wear that can occur between an anchor and suture
  • Preloaded with Two Needles and FiberWire
  • Providing excellent strength in a smaller size, this non-absorbable, braided polyblend suture is preloaded for convenience
  • Straightforward Technique
  • Simple, shorter instrumentation and technique create a reliable and quick procedure
  • Proven Material
  • The Bio-SutureTak is manufactured from bioabsorbable PLDLA amorphous copolymer. The BioComposite SutureTak is manufactured from PLDLA and ß-TCP (Beta-tricalcium phosphate)

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