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Shaver Systems

Synergy Resection Console
This versatile system has a touch panel control with an intuitive graphic user interface and was designed for multiple orthopaedic procedures. The Synergy Resection Shaver features two fully functional channels that allow optional simultaneous handpiece operation.

APS II Shaver Handpieces 
The APS II Shaver Handpieces are high torque, high speed accessories that feature a snap-lock collet that accepts standard, hip length and small joint blades and burrs. The hand-control version offers performance and increased versatility by placing speed and directional controls at your fingertips. 

APS II Footswitches
All speed, direction and toggle controls are available on any of the APS II Footswitch options. The Multi-Function Footswitches have an additional "cruise control" feature available when using them in gas pedal mode. 

Low Profile Footswitch
This footswitch design minimizes user fatigue while maintaining control of all APS II functions. 

Multi-Function Footswitches
Both the Wireless and Corded Multi-Function Footswitches feature user-selectable operation modes; that of either the low profile footswitch or as a "gas pedal" footswitch. 

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