Arthrex revolutionized laparoscopes by redesigning the optics to increase the clarity and resolution for the Synergy imaging system. All Arthrex laparoscopes are fully autoclavable and offer superior image quality. Arthrex's laparoscopes provide enhanced depth of field, brightness, field of flatness, and contrast. The distal, scratch-resistant sapphire lens and laser welding process ensure durability. Laparoscopes are offered in 3 mm, 5.5 mm, and 10 mm sizes and in various lengths to accommodate every endoscopic need. For near-infrared fluorescence imaging, Arthrex offers a selection of 4K NIR laparoscopes, which achieve the best possible image quality for both visible light and near-infrared light. The surgeon's surgical image will be far superior with the enhanced visualization provided by the SynergyUHD4™ or SynergyID™ imaging system paired with Arthrex's 4K laparoscopes.

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