DualWave outflow tubing allows the DualWave™ arthroscopy pump to function as a complete, integrated fluid management system.  

Outflow Tubing

DualWave outflow tubing provides an automated solution for controlling distention during complex arthroscopic procedures to provide clear, consistent, turbulence-free visualization. The outflow tubing’s two suction lines, one for the shaver system and another for a cannula suction line, can be attached to a working cannula in the shoulder or an outflow cannula in the knee. The DualWave pump will automatically switch between suction lines as needed. The tubing also allows the pump to regulate both inflow and outflow in the joint space.  

The DualWave outflow tubing reduces fluid waste and helps to maintain proper distention. The suction outflow can be attached to a vacuum line or allowed to drain into the Arthrex waste collection bag.


Main Pump and Outflow Combination Tubing

This combination tubing set includes the main pump tubing as well as a single-use outflow set. This tubing set is designed to minimize packing waste and reduce inventory tracking at a lower price due to savings on packaging.

Main Pump Tubing

The main pump tubing set is for those who prefer a complete tubing set on the inflow side and want to replace the fluid bags after each case. Each tube set comes with an independently packaged press-fit luer lock to allow for tubing length adjustment if used in conjunction with the extension tubing. If used alone, the set must be discarded after each use.  

ReDeuce™ Combination Tubing

Combining the patient-side, single-use ReDeuce tubing with the outflow tubing results in less waste, reduced inventory tracking, and a lower price due to the savings in packaging.

ReDeuce Pump Tubing

The ReDeuce 2-piece tubing system facilitates usage of the main pump tubing for the entire surgical day by replacing an economical 10-foot extension piece after each procedure. Touch-proof connectors and a backflow restriction valve in the extension piece maintain main tubing sterility during extension tubing replacements. 

Extension Tubing

This unique tubing provides an economical option to reduce tubing costs by allowing the main pump tubing to remain in use for the entire surgical day. The exclusive backflow valve prevents contaminated fluid from reaching the main pump tubing. The main pump tubing and fluid bags no longer need to be discarded after each surgical case.  

Y-Tubing Adapter

The optional Y-tubing adapter allows 4 fluid bags to be attached to either the main pump tubing or the ReDeuce pump tubing, which means fewer fluid bag changes. 

By controlling both aspects, distention is maintained at the highest level, resulting in maximum visualization.

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