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Wrist Tower

The Wrist Traction Tower facilitates arthroscopic surgery or fracture management of the wrist by maintaining the hand and arm in a position comfortable for the patient, as well as enhanced accessibility to the surgeon.The tower provides traction at the fingers using sterile Finger Traps. A draped countertraction post at the upper arm allows distraction and stable positioning of the wrist for operative procedures including closed reduction of fractures with pins or external fixation. The autoclavable, fully adjustable hand stabilization boom provides multi-directional hand positioning.

The Wrist Traction Tower can be used for wrist arthroscopy to treat injuries to the TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex), ligaments and bone. One procedure in particular, the ulnar head wafer procedure, involves burr resection for a few millimeters of the ulnar head. This needs to be done through full rotation of the wrist (supination and pronation). The hand stabilizer post helps hold the wrist from full pronation to full supination, freeing the surgeon’s hands to perform the procedure.

The Finger Traps, used in conjunction with the Wrist Traction Tower, are now available in four sizes, small through extra large, to closely match the dimensions of each patient’s fingers. The weave is uniform, virtually alleviating pressure points on the fingers and possible tissue trauma.

The tower is an excellent adjunct for wrist and forearm manipulations commonplace in fracture care of the upper extremities. The tower provides weight-controlled traction at the fingers using sterile finger traps while a counter traction post at the upper arm allows controlled distraction during various surgical procedures. The radiolucent hand stabilizer frees the surgeon’s hand from unnecessary exposure during fluoroscopy and x-rays.

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