Interphalangeal fusions using Arthrex Trim-It Drill Pins, Bio-Compression Screws, or the QuickFix Cannulated Screw System is an effect procedure used to treat osteoarthritis in the hand and wrist.

Trim-It Pins
Trim-It Pins provide the ability to fuse the joint and eliminate the need for hardware removal traditionally associated with k-wire placement. See also, Trim-It Screw System.

Bio-Compression Screws 
For complications such as hardware prominence and post-operative imaging, the Bio-Compression Screw is an excellent solution for fusions associated with osteoarthritis. 

QuickFix™ Cannulated Screw System
The QuickFix Cannulated Screw System is ideal for joint fusions, and provides compression across the joint surface for reliable fusion results.

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