The Hand/Wrist InternalBrace Ligament Augmentation Convenience Kit incorporates SutureTape for greater strength at time zero than a traditional repair, allowing patients to begin rehab sooner and return to activity faster.1 Applications include CMC suspensionplasty, MCP volar plate capsulodesis, scapholunate reconstruction, and thumb UCL and RCL repair.

The InternalBrace Ligament Augmentation Convenience Kit contains the necessary instrumentation to perform a 2-anchor repair. For scapholunate reconstructions, an additional anchor or tenodesis screw can be used to supplement the kit.



1. Shin SS, van Eck CF, Uquillas C. Suture tape augmentation of the thumb ulnar collateral ligament repair: a biomechanical study. J Hand Surg. 2018;43(9): 868.e1–868.e6. doi:10.1016/j.jhsa.2018.02.002.

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