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Ankle Arthroscopy Set

The Ankle Arthroscopy Set of instruments was designed to offer a comprehensive solution for small joint arthroscopy that would alleviate the need to utilize awkward instruments from larger joint sets. This comprehensive set of instruments includes ring-handled graspers and punches, curettes, osteotomes, elevators and Chondro Picks to satisfy all small joint arthroscopy instrument needs.

In addition to the standard instrumentation, this unique set is available with the optional GPS System to pinpoint K-wire and screw placement. Specialty instruments for OCD carving and elevation are also available in the set.

Features & Benefits:

Appropriate Sizing for Small Joints

Ring-handled instruments have 2.75 mm diameters. The other instruments are sized and designed specifically for small joint applications.

Innovative Design

One of a kind designs, like the optional GPS system and specialized OCD instruments provide a complete and unique offering to the small joint arthroscopist.

Complete Set for the OR

The tray holds all of the commonly used instruments so there is no need to pull multiple sets.

Quality Construction
Ring-handled instruments use friction-free Teflon® bearings and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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