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Types of Suppliers


Critical Suppliers

  • Implant suppliers
  • Class IIB and Class III (MDD) device suppliers
  • Turnkey suppliers of Class I (MDD) sterile devices
  • Sterilization suppliers
  • Packaging suppliers
  • Electromechanical equipment manufacturers

Standard Suppliers

  • Class I and IIA (MDD) nonsterile device suppliers
  • Nonimplantable component suppliers, all classes
  • Standard special process

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Examples of raw materials may include: PEEK, titanium, steel, etc

Noncritical Suppliers

  • Nonmedical device suppliers
  • Nonmedical service suppliers
  • Media companies, including translation services, promotional literature and educational materials
  • Device components from catalog component suppliers
  • Tooling suppliers
  • MRO suppliers
  • Maintenance services
  • Pest control services

Certified Suppliers

  • Calibration services
  • Testing laboratories
  • Lab supply suppliers
  • ISO registrars