Arthrex complies with the GS1 system of standards which provides a more efficient and responsive way of trading to our customers. Distinct numbers are used in this system to identify goods, services, assets and locations worldwide. These numbers can be represented in barcodes to enable their electronic reading wherever required in business processes.

GS1 Identification Keys include:

  • GTIN – Global Trade Item Number for product identification
  • GLN – Global Location Number for identification of corporate entities, functional departments, and physical locations (Arthrex and Agency locations)

Arthrex, Inc.

Adoption of GS1 in the health care industry is intended to:

  • Enhance traceability, fight counterfeiting and facilitate authentication systems
  • Effective and efficient product recalls
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Enable AIDC (bar code) systems all the way from manufacturing to the point of care
  • Facilitate health care provider initiatives to fulfill Center for Medicare Services meaningful use requirements
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Provide global support for product registration and notifications

For more information about GS1 standards, access the GS1 global site: