Designed to provide excellent fixation for fusions and osteotomies, these plates offer the foot and ankle surgeon a comprehensive option for procedures in the midfoot. These additions to the Low Profile Plating System come with and without wedge blocks, and in a variety of lengths to fixate lateral column lengthenings, calcaneocuboid arthrodesis, talonavicular arthrodesis and other less common procedures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Left or Right Slants - Fits a variety of indications.
  • Wedge Option - Wedges save OR time and eliminate the need to harvest a tricortical wedge from the iliac crest.
  • Locking Option - The outermost holes allow the surgeon to choose a fixed-angle locking or variable-angle nonlocking option, depending on the needs of the patient.
  • Compression Option - The inner slots generate compression when drilled eccentrically in arthrodesis applications.
  • Minimized Profile - Low profile plates and screw heads reduce soft tissue irritation and the need for removal.
  • Anatomic Contour - Optimizes construct strength, simplifies surgical technique and reduces soft tissue irritation.
  • Screw Options - 3.5 mm cortical, 3.5 mm cortical locking and 4 mm cancellous.

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