Arthrex’s DynaNite nitinol product portfolio has harnessed the unique superelastic material properties of nitinol to create a versatile product line. Arthrex offers a comprehensive line of staples with 20 different bridge lengths and widths. Combined with the new DynaNite Compression Plates, surgeons have a multitude of dynamic compressive options for both fusion and osteotomy procedures about the foot.

Additionally, Arthrex is the first and only company to offer a cannulated, threaded nitinol hammertoe implant. The DynaNite PIP device is offered in 3 different lengths and straight and bent options. This devices offers surgeons a simple, reproducible, and stable construct to correct hammertoe deformities.

The DynaNite FlexWire is also available for hammertoe correction. For K-wire users, the superelastic end of the FlexWire provides the same fixation as a stainless steel K-wire, but with the added benefit of maintaining its straight shape.

With more products on the horizon, the DynaNite nitinol product line will continue to expand to offer a multitude of options to help surgeons treat their patients better.

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