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Designed specifically for minimally invasive surgery, the DrillSaw Highspeed 200 power system functions at a high torque and low speed and features a built-in fluid irrigation system. Ideal for making repetitive bony cuts while sparing the surrounding soft tissue and protecting the skin. Compatible with all DrillSaw Mini 300™ attachments, the DrillSaw Highspeed 200 system is a capable corded power unit for a variety of orthopedic procedure with a full complement of equipment, inducing:

  • AR-200 MIS Power Unit: Delivers a corded, high-torque, low-velocity drill with built-in fluid irrigation ideal for MIS techniques 
  • MIS Instrument Set: Small, reusable set complete with common MIS instruments; functional and cost effective
  • Minimally Invasive Burrs: Assorted burrs each with a specific surgical application
  • Compression FT Screws: Comprehensive line of headless screws with diameters ranging from 2.5 mm to 7.0 mm in lengths ranging from 8 mm to 140 mm

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