Alt TextOn behalf of Arthrex employees worldwide, we would like to welcome you to our supply chain website. As you may be aware, Arthrex is a global leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics and we are committed to one mission: Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients BetterTM. As an Arthrex supplier, we hope that you will join us in our mission and help us achieve our goals.

The enclosed content aims to serve and educate you in the Arthrex supplier relationship management process. It contains answers to frequently asked questions and provides insight into how Arthrex manages supplier relationships. Although many business relationships can include a wide range of activities, this material pertains to procurement-related topics only. Our team hopes that you will find this information beneficial and we intend to work with you and your team to promote awareness of, and compliance to, these core policies and principles.

Arthrex strives to create and promote a secure environment that fosters ingenuity, integrity, continuous improvement and teamwork while providing employees and suppliers the opportunity to reach their potential. We will work together to achieve the highest standards in support of our company mission and ensure that both parties are successful in their respective missions.

We encourage you to read and embrace these guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this content, please feel free to contact your Arthrex Supply Chain Professional.