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UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament)

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    • Foot and ankle fiberloop 0 small
      • Part of the FiberWire® suture family, FiberLoop® is FiberWire suture where both ends of the suture are attached to a single needle, creating a suture loop. FiberLoop is the perfect suture option for multi-strand tendon repairs. These small diameter looped FiberWire products allow for strong multi-strand flexor and extensor tendon repairs …
    • Pushlock 0 small
      • Optimize tensioning and fixation without knot tying. The 2.5 mm PushLock® Suture Anchor provides a secure means of knotless fixation in the hand and wrist, as well as in foot and ankle applications. Accommodating two strands of either size 0 or 2-0 FiberWire, this two-piece anchor enables a no profile repair that is quick and straightforward.The …
    • Ucl internalbrace ligament repair 0 small
      • The UCL InternalBrace™ Implant System is a ligament repair and InternalBrace construct utilizing two anchor points with collagen coated tape to augment the repair of the native ulnar collateral ligament in order to achieve a more aggressive rehabilitative program and faster return to competition.
    • Ucl repair 0 small
      • Young overhead athletes who sustain an injury to their medial ulnar collateral ligament complex, absent the chronic attritional damage and isolated to either the proximal or distal end of the ligament may benefit from a repair rather than a reconstruction procedure.