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    • Instrument cases 0 small
      • Arthrex® offers several instrument cases for the Synergy video equipment that allow safe transport to and from the OR. All the arthroscope brackets in each case are designed for C-Mount or Eye-Coupler Synergy Scopes. They also accommodate short or long handle obturators. The laparoscope cases are updated to now hold …
    • Starfish 0 small
      • The StarFish™ Scope Rotation Attachment is a rotational control device that easily attaches to the proximal end of the arthroscope, enabling the surgeon to change the direction of view of the scope with one hand. The StarFish enables the surgeon's non-camera hand to be continually engaged in instrument manipulation. The StarFish is …
    • Wireless kit 0 small
      • Wireless transmission of video makes connecting secondary monitors inside any OR painless and simple. Using the transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx), full 1080p video can be transferred within any OR. The wireless kit provides flexibility and removes the excess need for additional cables.