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    • Knee fracture management devices 0 small
      • Arthrex® offers fracture management products and techniques for treatment of patella fractures.
    • Kreulock locking compression screws 0 small
      • The KreuLock locking compression screws combine the same proven technology found in our Headless Compression FT screws with a locking screw head to provide compression along the screw for treatment of fractures or fusions. Additionally, they are designed to bring the plate to bone. Variable-Stepped Thread Pitch – the screw tip’s …
    • Trauma patella sutureplate ii 0 small
      • To address various types of fractures, the Patella SuturePlate™ II system offers three types of plates in different sizes. All plates are made of titanium and have a low-profile thickness of 1.6 mm with screws sitting flush on the plate. Suture holes in the plate can be optionally used for soft-tissue reattachment or ligament bracing.