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    • Carpal tunnel 0 small
      • The Centerline Carpal Tunnel Release System is indicated for patients diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Clinical data* supports an earlier return to normal activities of up to 50% when using an endoscopic approach over open procedures for carpal tunnel release. The Centerline System raises the bar for endoscopic carpal tunnel procedures by …
    • Carpal tunnel release 0 small
      • The Centerline Carpal Tunnel Release incorporates improved safety features compared to other ECTR devices that have been used for over 20 years. The Centerline concept eliminates rotational movements and offers superior visualization. The thumb trigger pull is synergistic–increasing steadiness and facilitating control. The integrated disposable …
    • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release technique 0 small
      • The surgeon introduces the device into the carpal tunnel through a single limited incision in the wrist flexor crease. Viewing the deep side of the transverse carpal ligament (flexor retinaculum) under direct visualization at the tip of the instrument, the surgeon elevates the blade to cut the ligament as the instrument is withdrawn. The …