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minimally invasive ACL

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    • All inside acl reconstruction flipcutter 0 small
      • Eliminate transosseous tunnels and large incisions by using the FlipCutter® to create a tibial socket. This minimally invasive technique may reduce patient morbidity, swelling, soft tissue hematomas and can simplify rehabilitation. The all-inside technique allows anatomic single or double bundle socket creation and a variety of fixation …
    • Knee graftlink 0 small
      • The GraftLink technique provides the ultimate in anatomic, minimally invasive, and reproducible ACL reconstruction. Used in combination with anatomic guides, the FlipCutter® drill allows independent femoral and tibial "retrodrilling" to create sockets while maintaining the cortices to maximize fixation. Two suspension TightRope® …
    • Allograft graftlink construct 0 small
      • The presutured Allograft GraftLink tendon is a preassembled, sterile allograft tendon that was designed for use with the GraftLink All-Inside ACL reconstruction technique. The availability of this presutured allograft provides surgeons with a high-quality, consistent, sterile, and strong allograft tendon for use in primary or revision ACL …