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metatarsal fracture

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    • Comprehensive foot system 0 small
      • The Arthrex CFS plating system combines many of our current midfoot, forefoot, and hindfoot plate and screw systems into one set (AR-8950S). The set is conveniently divided into 2.4/3.0 mm and 3.5/4.0 mm (AR-8950S-01 and AR-8950S-02) modules that house the new Metatarsal Plates, TMT Plates, x-Plates, and newly revised H-Plates. Also included in …
    • Forefoot fracture management 0 small
      • Arthrex’s contribution to fracture management innovation starts with our unique mission of helping trauma surgeons treat their patients better. When trauma surgeons ask for our assistance in solving posttraumatic surgical problems, Arthrex responds with cutting edge technology, creative innovation, and a sense of urgency as trustworthy partners …
    • Metatarsal fracture repair 0 small
      • Fractures of the foot are common, and the metatarsals are among the bones most commonly fractured.  Acute foot fractures on normal bones are usually caused by the dropping of heavy objects on the foot or by stress associated with abnormal repetitive trauma.  In deficient bones, insufficiency fractures may result from normal …